The Regulars

The regular show guest stars

The regular show guest stars

Rick McCord

Rick McCord

Rick started his career in the fast-paced world of tech sales. After two decades of increasingly responsible sales leadership roles, he took a hiatus and started up his own specialty soup and sandwiches restaurant – Café Zupas. From this endeavor Rick began to think about his next professional incarnation.

Rick’s curiosity about human nature and his innate desire to help others helped shape the next steps in his career. He joined a career coaching company and later co-founded CMO Grow, a company that provides interim CMO services to growing firms. While these experiences are challenging at times, Rick gets tremendous satisfaction helping others discover their true passions and then guiding them through job and career transitions.

Rick is a devoted family man who has been happily married for 36 years and is the proud father to four adult children. When he’s not working, Rick loves to travel, play pickleball and tennis and just be outdoors.

Andrea Patton

Andie Patton

Andrea, “Andie” Patton is a trust and estate attorney who has spent over 20 years planning and drafting family trust, wills, powers of attorney and more. She truly enjoys working with her clients to help them understand the complicated world of trusts and estates. She helps them understand how to make sure their family is cared for as best as possible and that their wishes will be carried out when they no longer can see to it themselves.

Andie earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from UC Irvine and started working as a paralegal. The attorney she worked for encouraged her to get her law degree. So, Andie attended Loyola Law School and earned her law degree in 1999. She’s licensed with the California State Bar, is an active member of the Orange County Bar Association.

Family and friends are important to Andie. Her sone is her pride and joy. While her chihuahua, Theo is her walking companion. As an English major, it’s no surprise that she likes reading. She also likes hanging out with her partner Matt and enjoying the many outdoor pursuits temperate climate of Orange County has to offer.

Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts is an IT and Marketing maven. He’s held increasingly responsible positions at Microsoft, Dell, and Quest Software. Chris is currently the Director of Federal Sales Engineering at Quest Software.

But Chris is not just a smart computer guy. He is an avid jazz vinyl collector. His love of music led him to research music therapy as a tool to alleviate dementia. Chris also loves art and is establishing an art gallery to showcase works by artists affected by Alzheimer’s. A true Renaissance Man, Chris also loves to write poetry and is an enthusiastic fan of aeronautics and antiques.

Chris is working on his first poetry collection and hopes to release it by the end of 2024. His unique blend of professional success, technical prowess and dedication to humanitarian causes firmly establish him as a distinguished voice in the technology sector and beyond.


Megan Steen

Megan lives in Orange County, CA with her husband and two active toddlers. She grew up in Northern California and as the daughter of a sports writer, she is naturally a huge San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan.

Megan has spent her career in enterprise technology, diligently working her way up the corporate ladder. She started as an office assistant and eagerly accepted increasingly responsible marketing roles. Her experience and drive earned her a role as the Director of Growth Marketing at Quest Software. At Quest, she led a team of international employees and directed marketing programs across all regions and through a variety of mediums.

Megan is passionate about deep connections with people. She hosts an annual vision board party and brunches with close friends every month. She finds magic in going for walks at local beaches, breathing in the fresh air of Lake Tahoe and taking in the splendor of Big Sur.

Megan writes letters to her niece about life lessons and the wonders of life. You can find these letters on her blog With Love, Aunt Megs.

Kevin Headley

Kevin Headley

Kevin is an exceptional Sales & Marketing leader with over two decades of experience in Consumer Durable Goods. He worked with iconic brands like Whirlpool and Sub-Zero. He’s currently the Vice President of Sales at Rinnai America bringing his vast experience and passion for innovation to the role.

Kevin loves to mentor colleagues to bring out their best. As a sales professional cultivates enduring relationships with his clients and stakeholders. He believes that a good sense of humor is essential in both professional and personal relationships. With this attitude he builds positive and collaborative environments wherever he goes. Even his daughters are frequent recipients of his lessons of abundance.

Kevin and his family have relocated a number of times around the US. He and his wife currently find themselves empty-nesters in Peachtree, GA. During his leisure time, Kevin cherishes his time with his wife and three grown daughters. He loves music and can be found jamming on his guitar with his garage band. Or he gets outside and practices his golf swing on the local golf courses.

Mandy Schaniel

Mandy Schaniel

Mandy Schaniel is the founder and CEO of Schaniel Consulting Inc. Through her company she provides leadership and business coaching to startups. She shows them how to build a culture of inclusivity, progress and success for both employees and the business. Mandy’s path to this consulting business has it roots in her time at ZipRecruiter. She joined the executive team as employee number 19 and stayed for four and a half years. She helped lead the company to its first million dollar month and built their first account management team.

As a ZipRecruiter executive Mandy created a safe space for employees to seek mentorship from growth-minded leaders like herself. And through this program she helped many to the next steps in their careers.

Mandy took the culture and leadership lessons she learned as a VP at ZipRecruiter to her next roles. She was the SVP of client success at Accurate Background and EVP of client success at Then she held advisory roles at Intry and GoHire. She took all these lessons with her and opened her own consulting firm – Schaniel Consulting.

Mandy earned a BA in Communications with an emphasis on print journalism from California State University, Fullerton. She lives in Southern California with her husband and three active children.