Podcast: ThirtyFiveSixtyFour

ThirtyFiveSixtyFour is a podcast for listeners between the ages of 35 and 64. Available on all major podcast platforms, the show offers an engaging  journey through the various challenges and experiences of midlife. ThirtyFiveSixtyFour presents a distinct departure from the traditional midlife crisis storyline. Instead, it champions the perspective that midlife should be viewed as a period marked by play, discovery, transformation and possibility. With new episodes released weekly, ThirtyFiveSixtyFour is positioned to become one of the fastest-growing podcasts of the year, providing both valuable insights and entertainment for those in the middle.

So, subscribe and get ready to join show host Karen and the ThirtyFiveSixtyFour regulars for both serious and fun conversations around living middle age to the fullest. After all… i’s not too late. You’re not too old. And you’re definitely NOT dead.

Vitamins, supplements and middle age: A Candid chat about what is being used and why

Have you ever wondered how to streamline your health routine without overwhelming your budget or time?  Today Karen is joined by returning guest and 3564’s podcast’s Digital Content and Brand Strategy Director Megan Steen. Megan divulges her secrets to optimizing your well-being with vitamins and supplements. From her meticulous use of a pill organizer to the…

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You CAN feel confident and sexy in middle age – here’s how.

Today Karen is joined by the vivacious Kim Selby, who shares her inspiring journey of aging gracefully and confidently. From her early career at Glamour Magazine to starring in a lingerie ad in her 60s, Kim’s story is a testament to resilience and self-acceptance. We explore societal beauty standards, the pressures of cosmetic enhancements, and…

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6 Ways to Discover True Wealth and Claim Your Purpose

Age is just a number, and those of us in the middle are here to prove it. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Curtis Thompson, a remarkable musician, dedicated father, loving husband, and esteemed professor who eschews ageist stereotypes to follow his dreams. Together, we challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding ageism, and Curtis shares…

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12 Etiquette Tips for your next fancy meal, date or dinner with the boss

Polish your dining etiquette for any occasion with these essential tips! These insights aren’t just about following rules; they’re about exuding confidence in any dining scenario, whether it’s a casual meal with friends, a first date, or a formal business dinner.  Do you freeze when you encounter a piece of gristle or bone in your…

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Stop Future Chasing and Avoid Burnout with these 3 Tips

Are you a “future chaser”? Are you constantly pushing for “the next thing” and forgetting to appreciate where you are right now?   Join us as we explore these insights and more with our special guest, Tiffany Wilson, a seasoned marketing and communications professional who has navigated her career with resilience and grace. Tiffany shares her…

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Caring for an adult sibling. It’s more common than you think.

Statistics show that a growing percentage of the population chooses to be childless and single. Who is going to care for these individuals when they become incapacitated?   Join us for a heartfelt discussion on the often-unspoken challenges that come with siblings caring for siblings through medical crises and disabilities. In this episode, we bring light…

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