Winning Strategies for Negotiating Everyday Things: Salary, Cars, and more.

Have you ever noticed how a well-timed pause can speak volumes during a negotiation?  
Join me and returning guest, sales and marketing maestro Kevin Headley, as we unravel the intricacies of negotiation, an art form that’s just as relevant when buying a candy bar as it is in the boardroom. We pull back the curtain on the power of silence, likability, and the deftly executed ‘sweet trade’ to find that sweet spot in any deal. Starting with the concept of low stakes negotiations in everyday life, these seemingly trivial exchanges can set the stage for the psychological preparation necessary for larger, more significant negotiations. Listen in as a seasoned sales executive shares insights on aiming for ‘win-win’ outcomes and the importance of approaching every deal with the right mindset, whether you’re bartering over household items or navigating high-stakes sales contracts. 
With over two decades in the Consumer Durable Goods Industry, Kevin Headley is an accomplished Sales & Marketing Leader, having worked with renowned brands like Whirlpool Corporation and Sub-Zero Group. Currently serving as VP of Sales at Rinnai America, he drives innovation and execution. Known for mentoring colleagues and fostering enduring client relationships, Kevin values humor in both professional and personal settings. His family has embraced various relocations across the US, settling in Peachtree City, Georgia, where Kevin faces the challenge of an empty nest. In his leisure time, he enjoys being a devoted father to his three daughters, playing guitar with his garage band, and refining his golf skills. 

In this episode: 

  • Try some everyday negotiations, like no-risk haggling in convenience stores 
  • Win-win outcomes in negotiations, the power of silence 
  • A friendly demeanor can unlock unexpected upgrades and favorable terms 
  • Understanding motivations is key in negotiations, creative solutions like ‘sweet trades’ can lead to mutual satisfaction 
  • Strategies include timing purchases and knowing when to commit   
  • Low-stakes negotiations, such as garage sales tactics, choice overload 
  • Sales executives value negotiation skills in potential hires, negotiating one’s own contract reflects ability to negotiate for the company 
  • Salary negotiations focus on adding value for pay increases, asking for alternative benefits, timing requests, handling rejections, and finding alternative solutions for advancement 
  • A positive mindset and clear objectives are important internally, understanding personal desires helps in negotiating close relationships 
  • The game – “You Know You’re Old When….’ 
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