Success, Fear and Mindset with author Mandy Schaniel

Discover the transformative power of mindset as Mandy Schaniel, author of “Faith Over Fear: How to Adopt a Success Mindset,” joins me for a deep dive into the psychology of success. Together, we uncover the dangers of a negative mindset and the liberating potential of a growth mindset, emphasizing the significance of mindfulness in our response to life’s hurdles. Mandy and I dissect the intricate relationship between fear and achievement, revealing how fear can evolve from an impediment to a driving force with the right perspective.

Our candid discussion goes on to cover the unexpected joys of meditation and the pivotal role of emotional intelligence in leadership and personal growth. We also spotlight the essential nature of self-awareness and empathy, drawing insights from Gabby Bernstein’s “The Universe Has Your Back,” for those seeking to actively craft their life’s path. Hear about the neuroscience behind the satisfaction of ticking off small tasks, and how these minute triumphs can culminate in substantial achievements. This episode is filled with practical strategies and inspirational stories that could be the catalyst you need to reshape your journey.

Mandy Schaniel is the founder and CEO of Schaniel Consulting Inc., providing leadership and business coaching to startups looking to build a culture of inclusivity, progress, and success for both the business and its employees. She is an accomplished author with a storied career that began as the 19th employee at ZipRecruiter and evolved into a remarkable journey of personal and professional growth. Mandy is a devoted wife and mother of three, whose expertise shines in her book “Faith Over Fear: How to Adopt a Success Mindset.”

In this episode:

  • Intro and background – Mandy Schaniel, author of “Faith Over Fear” 
  • What is a “mindset”?
  • A growth mindset – viewing failures as learning opportunities
  • Negative mindsets often go unrecognized 
  • Mandy’s personal story of success in the recruitment advertising industry and the realization of the importance of work-life balance
  • Fear as a significant influence on success and the importance of redefining it as a motivational force
  • Faith and how it can influence your mindset
  • The transformative power of meditation, overcoming skepticism
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) – a critical component of personal and professional development
  • Micro-goals, releasing positive brain chemicals, and building discipline
  • Action – a crucial element in seizing opportunities 
  • Loyalty as a potential barrier to success, “sunk costs”
  • The Luck Factor – its really just taking chances
  • Playing “You Know You’re Old When…”

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