Stop Future Chasing and Avoid Burnout with these 3 Tips

Are you a “future chaser”? Are you constantly pushing for “the next thing” and forgetting to appreciate where you are right now?  
Join us as we explore these insights and more with our special guest, Tiffany Wilson, a seasoned marketing and communications professional who has navigated her career with resilience and grace. Tiffany shares her incredible journey from Southern California to Philadelphia, including an adventurous cross-country move during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we dissect the dual nature of “future chasing”—how it can drive us to succeed but also lead to burnout and discontent if left unchecked. We delve into practical methods for maintaining a positive mindset, such as writing thank you notes to oneself and keeping a gratitude journal. We highlight the significance of self-affirmations and the impact of focusing on abundance rather than lack.  
Tiffany Wilson juggles roles as a devoted wife, mother, avid traveler, roller coaster enthusiast, and enthusiastic high-fiver. Beginning her career at a boutique integrated marketing agency, she progressed to amplify the narratives of many renowned brands. Presently, she spearheads social media initiatives for Comcast NBCUniversal at its Philadelphia corporate base. Originally from Southern California, Tiffany, along with her spouse and two children, Miles and Nola, made the move to Pennsylvania amidst the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, settling in the Philadelphia suburbs. 
In this episode: 

  • Tiffany’s career journey included Walmart and other leading brands 
  • “Future chasing” – a curse and a trap 
  • Burnout – what it means to different people, common causes 
  • Regaining balance – taking a breath, gratitude 
  • Thank you  notes- sending , receiving, even writing them to yourself! 
  • Keeping a gratitude journal, positive affirmations 
  • Physical and emotional symptoms of burnout 
  • Talking to your 25-year-old self 
  • The game – “You Know You’re Old When….’ 
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