People Dread Meetings: 11 Ways to Make Yours Better

Ever feel like meetings are the bane of productivity? Whether you’re steering the ship in a high-stakes boardroom or weaving through the nuances of a casual brainstorm session, I’ve laid out an 11-step roadmap to keeping your meetings tight, engaging, and—above all—respectful of everyone’s precious time. From the art of the punctual start to the subtle dance of video call etiquette, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill tips; they’re the secret sauce to elevating your collaborative encounters. 

In this episode: 

  • 11 steps to streamlining and improving your meeting 
  • Is your meeting truly necessary? 
  • Starting the meeting on time 
  • Two minutes for personal updates/greetings 
  • Silent meetings – don’t waste time 
  • Ongoing formats are helpful 
  • Video vs. no video? 
  • Cancelling last minute is bad form 
  • Call out a person’s name BEFORE your question or request 
  • Accountability – hold people to their commitments 
  • Multi-tasking – can something be done right now during the meeting? 
  • Celebrating successes – are you grateful to contributors? 
  • Are you dry, dull, or Draconian? Being a jerk isn’t helping 
  • Got a dad joke or a bad pun?  Please share in your meeting for fun 
  • Send me your comments and feedback on the show! 

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