Loving a Widower: A journey through the complicated, challenging and beautiful

This episode dives explores the complexities, challenges and beauty of dating a widow or widower. We’ll meet Megan Steen and hear her story of finding love  with a widower she met at work. We explore the foundation of building a new relationship while acknowledging and honoring the memory of the one who is gone, as well as tackling the sensitive topic of being invited into the family’s grief journey. You’ll hear valuable advice on navigating these dynamics, along with resources like therapy and books to support both partners. The episode wraps up with interesting statistics on widowers and widowers, dispelling the myth that they are “undateable.” Finally, excerpts from a poignant poem on grief add a reflective touch.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show – leave your comments and feedback below! 
Originally from Northern California, Megan Steen lives in Orange County with her husband and two energetic toddlers. A lifelong sports fan, she roots for the San Francisco teams. Building a successful career in enterprise technology, Megan rose from an office assistant to Director of Growth Marketing at Quest Software, now leading a global marketing team. She values personal connections and enjoys hosting vision board parties and brunches. Finding peace in nature, Megan loves beach walks, the fresh air of Lake Tahoe, and the beauty of Big Sur. To share her wisdom, Megan writes heartfelt letters filled with life lessons to her niece. 

In this episode: 

  • Intro and background – Megan Steen 
  • Foundations – meeting and building a relationship 
  • Acknowledging and honoring the one who is gone 
  • Being invited to experience grief with the family 
  • Accessing help and resources – therapy, books 
  • Moving in together 
  • Interesting stats on widows and widowers 
  • Advice on getting involved with a widow or widower 
  • Widowers should not be viewed as “undateable” 
  • A poem on grief 
  • You are an ‘addition’ not a ‘replacement’ for that person who is gone 
  • The game – “You Know You’re Old When….’ 
  • Send me your comments and feedback on the show! 

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