Artificial Intelligence: Rise of the Machines

Join me for a thought-provoking journey with cybersecurity and AI expert Chris Roberts to uncover the transformative power of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. Together, we dissect the spectrum of AI development, from its humble beginnings as programmed decision systems to the nuanced, data-centric models like GPT that silently shape our existence. Chris isn’t just a tech genius; he’s also got a huge heart, using his expertise to blend music therapy with technology, offering solace for dementia patients.  

Hear about how AI is revolutionizing not just our workspaces but our educational realms, promising a future of tailored learning experiences and a new horizon for productivity. We reflect on the potential of AI to outpace traditional methods, fostering innovation among its users. We ponder the societal perceptions that range from utopian to dystopian narratives and the ethical quandaries they present. His unique perspective bridges the gap between innovative digital solutions and deep-seated human empathy, making this conversation a harmonious blend of intellect and compassion. 

Chris Roberts’ career spans various roles in IT giants like Microsoft and Dell, where he contributed to now-standard technologies. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Marketing, but his interests extend beyond his professional life. He collects vinyl records, writes, and enjoys aeronautics, art, and antiques. Currently, he focuses his passion on researching music therapy for dementia and establishing an art gallery for artists affected by Alzheimer’s. Additionally, he is awaiting the publication of his poetry collection. This blend of professional success, technical expertise, and dedication to humanitarian causes makes him a distinct figure in both the tech sector and the wider community. 

In this episode: 

  • Chris Roberts discusses AI’s evolution and social impact 
  • AI and the unexpected places you’re already experiencing it 
  • Routines and music therapy benefits  
  • Privacy trade-offs and data control  
  • Reclaiming personal data privacy  
  • AI’s revolutionary potential in education  
  • Enhancing learning with AI – how does your child learn best? 
  • Comparing AI’s maturity to the early days of the internet 
  • Cautionary tales of AI in professional contexts  
  • AI’s role in personal development 
  • The “You know you’re middle-aged when” game 
  • Using AI responsibly and understanding its societal impact 

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