Artificial Intelligence Q&A: Deep Fake Nudes, Music, Dr. Office Visits, Jobs and more…

AI and cybersecurity expert Chris Roberts returns to the show to answer some intriguing listener questions on the topic of AI. Chris was my guest on Episode #2, and his appearance certainly stirred up some emotional responses and interesting inquiries.  
Tune in to hear Chris’s take on AI and its impact on various aspects of our daily life. We explore the ethical concerns surrounding deep fakes like the Taylor Swift debaucle, open-source vs. closed-source AI development, and the concerns of creatives – musicians, artists, writers, and performers. Chris speaks about the potential environmental impact of AI, the benefits of AI in medicine, and whether or not AI is going to replace you at your job. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show – leave your comments and feedback below! 

In this episode: 

  • Taylor Swift and AI, the dark web, and deep fakes 
  • Open source vs. closed source AI 
  • Concerns expressed by artists, writers, musicians 
  • Detecting AI content on social media 
  • Interview with OpenAI CTO 
  • Questions around AI and the environment 
  • Nvidia – what is it, how does it work, should I invest? 
  • Medical professionals – how are they using AI to help you? 
  • Karen’s experience with AI at her doctor’s office 
  • Jobs and AI – Will it replace you? 
  • Automation has already changed our lives over the years  
  • Self-checkouts – Amazon Fresh didn’t work 
  • The game – “You Know You’re Old When….’ 
  • Send me your comments and feedback on the show! 

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ChatGPT from OpenAI 

Gemini AI from Google 

Claude AI 

What exactly happened with Taylor Swift? What is a Deep Fake? 

Is my Dr using AI? 
How Doctors are using ChatGPT 

What is Nvidia?  

What is happening with all these musicians and this petition everyone is signing.  
And screen writers? 

Why do I keep hearing AI is bad for the earth?  

AI and the Environment 

 AI and Jobs 

Open AI CTO 
Open AI Interview 

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