Caring for an adult sibling. It’s more common than you think.

Statistics show that a growing percentage of the population chooses to be childless and single. Who is going to care for these individuals when they become incapacitated?  
Join us for a heartfelt discussion on the often-unspoken challenges that come with siblings caring for siblings through medical crises and disabilities. In this episode, we bring light to the sacrifices and emotional journeys that families navigate when a sibling steps into a caregiving role. Our very own Mary Cook, a vital member of our podcast team and one of eight siblings, shares her family’s touching story of supporting her older brother John (who was born with cerebral palsy), particularly after the loss of their parents. This conversation is a tribute to the countless silent heroes who take on such responsibilities, often reshaping their lives around the needs of their loved ones. This episode is not just a source of support and recognition for caregivers but also a call to normalize these caregiving experiences within our society. 

Mary Cook, nicknamed “MC” and “Mother Mary,” is a renowned content whisperer and Marcom Director at ThirtyFiveSixtyFour. With a degree in English from UCLA, she merges her grammar expertise with captivating storytelling. Raised in a large family, she cherishes familial bonds and infuses her work with the same energy she brings to family gatherings. A sports enthusiast turned adrenaline junkie, Mary balances her role with adventurous pursuits like jet skiing and desert trailblazing. Behind the scenes, her meticulousness and dedication drive the excellence of ThirtyFiveSixtyFour’s Marcom strategy, ensuring each communication reflects the brand’s essence. 

In this episode: 

  • Mary Cook discusses caring for her brother John who was born with cerebral palsy 
  • Understanding the complexities of cerebral palsy and family care 
  • A large family and sharing responsibilities 
  • External support and boundaries in sibling caregiving 
  • Navigating guilt and responsibility in a sibling caregiver’s life 
  • Maintaining a sibling relationship – paying for caregiving duties 
  • Strategies for managing care and self-care for caregivers 
  • Remembering this is your sibling, even though they may be declining 
  • Celebrating the devotion of siblings in caregiving roles 
  • The game – “You Know You’re Old When….’ 
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