6 Ways to Discover True Wealth and Claim Your Purpose

Age is just a number, and those of us in the middle are here to prove it. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Curtis Thompson, a remarkable musician, dedicated father, loving husband, and esteemed professor who eschews ageist stereotypes to follow his dreams. Together, we challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding ageism, and Curtis shares his thoughts on defining success from within and using criticism as a driving force. Our discussion expands to the concept of true wealth, emphasizing gratitude, meaningful relationships, and serving others as keys to a fulfilling life. In a consumer-driven world, Curtis’ insights illuminate a rare path to genuine happiness and purpose. Tune in to redefine what it means to live a rich life and be inspired to make the most of the present. 

In this episode: 

  • Living without regrets, learning lessons – Curtis Thompson defies age stereotypes, views success as a personal metric, not societal 
  • Emphasizing self-worth, self-acceptance, and addressing traumas related to aging 
  • Therapy and Reflection: Essential for growth and well-being at any stage of life 
  • Gratitude, relationships, and community service as antidotes to materialism 
  • Curtis encourages living in the present and serving others 
  • Value in Scarcity: Understanding how scarcity and difficulty can enhance appreciation and meaning 
  • The 3564 podcast is one of the only venues speaking to the middle 
  • Sneak Peak – 7-Day Generosity Challenge 
  • Feeling down and depressed? Lonely? Try service to others  
  • “You know you’re old when…” game 
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