12 Etiquette Tips for your next fancy meal, date or dinner with the boss

Polish your dining etiquette for any occasion with these essential tips! These insights aren’t just about following rules; they’re about exuding confidence in any dining scenario, whether it’s a casual meal with friends, a first date, or a formal business dinner. 

Do you freeze when you encounter a piece of gristle or bone in your meal? Wondering why stashing your phone out of sight can significantly enhance your dining experience? Join me as I delve into mastering key dining etiquette to elevate your confidence whether you’re on a date or dining with your boss. 

Learn the art of discreetly handling inedible items and understand why making eye contact during a toast goes beyond mere politeness—it’s a way to forge genuine connections. From understanding wine ordering nuances, like leaving a sip for your server, to knowing when to rest your elbows on the table, I’ve got you covered. Plus, discover the subtle differences between American and European fork styles to effortlessly navigate any dining setting. 

 In this episode: 

  • Keep your phone silenced and off the table to give your full attention to your companions. 
  • Demystify wine ordering with tips on sniffing, corked wine, and leaving a sip as a tip. 
  • Elbows on the table: when it’s acceptable and when it’s not. 
  • Master the art of cutting your food one bite at a time. 
  • Fork etiquette: fork-down or fork-up? 
  • Navigate napkin usage, from waiting for the host to black napkin hints. 
  • Leave plate clearing to the professionals; don’t play Jenga with your dinnerware. 
  • Passing salt, pepper, and dishes with finesse. 
  • Quick tips for handling unexpected encounters like gristle or bone. 
  • Delve into the history and modern etiquette of toasts and cheers. 
  • Send me your comments and feedback on the show! 

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