Author: Kevin Headley

  • Kevin Headley

    With over two decades of experience in the Consumer Durable Goods Industry, Kevin has consistently proven himself as an exceptional Sales & Marketing Leader with iconic brands such was Whirlpool Corporation and Sub-Zero Group. Currently serving as the Vice President of Sales at Rinnai America, Kevin drives innovation, execution, and a wealth of expertise to his role.

    Throughout his career, Kevin has distinguished himself through his adept mentoring of colleagues and his ability to cultivate enduring relationships with clients and stakeholders. He firmly believes that a good sense of humor is essential in both professional and personal contexts, fostering a positive and collaborative environment wherever he goes.

    Through various relocations, Kevin and his family have been able to experience life in multiple states and regions in the US and are currently settled in Peachtree City, Georgia. Currently, Kevin's latest personal challenge is adjusting to the newfound tranquility of an empty nest.

    During his leisure hours, Kevin cherishes quality time as a true girl dad with his saintly wife, Megan, and his three daughters. He also indulges in his passion for music by jamming the guitar with his garage band, imparts valuable lessons about abundance mentality to his daughters, and hones his golf swing on the local links of Georgia.

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