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ThirtyFiveSixtyFour is a middle age podcast designed for listeners between the ages of 35 to 64. Available on all major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Google and Apple, the show, hosted by Karen Stones, offers an engaging journey through the various challenges and experiences of midlife. ThirtyFiveSixtyFour presents a distinct departure from the traditional middle age crisis storyline. Instead, it champions the perspective that middle age should be viewed as a period marked by play, discovery, transformation, contemplation and possibility. With new episodes being released weekly, ThirtyFiveSixtyFour is positioned to become one of the fastest-growing podcasts of the year, providing valuable insights and entertainment for those in the middle.

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Karen Stones

The Host

Show host Karen Stones is the creative heart of the middle age podcast, ThirtyFiveSixtyFour. Born in 1979, Karen is a child of Generation X. As a podcast enthusiast, she noticed a major void in content catering to listeners her age. Karen found existing productions were either niche, evangelized negative perspectives on aging, or hosted by a well-meaning young adult who lacked the wisdom and life experience to provide meaningful insight. Thus, ThirtyFiveSixtyFour was born. The philosophy behind ThirtyFiveSixtyFour stands in stark contrast to the conventional midlife crisis narrative, advocating instead for midlife to be seen as a time of confidence, reinvention, growth, reflection, exploration and renewal.

Karen has over twenty years of mass communication and marketing expertise. Her journey in media started early, as she interned for notable figures like Larry Morgan and Ryan Seacrest at the Los Angeles FM radio station STAR 98.7. During her university years Karen served as a disc jockey for the on-campus, student-run radio station. Following a successful career in the corporate world, she took the entrepreneurial plunge, founding 13 Jacks Marketing Agency in 2014. The agency currently oversees multimillion-dollar projects including global product launches, international events, specialized social media and advertising campaigns. Beyond her agency pursuits, Karen extends her expertise to coaching executives seeking to enhance their business strategies and personal growth. Based in Orange County, California, Karen is a dedicated mother to three and an outdoor enthusiast.

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Megan Steen

Megan Steen, Digital Content and Brand Strategy Director

Megan lives in Orange County, CA, with her husband and two active toddlers. Growing up in Northern California as the daughter of a sports writer, naturally, she is a huge sports fan, cheering on the San Francisco Giants and 49ers whenever she gets the chance. She is also been blogging for 10+ years on With Love, Aunt Megs – Letters to my niece (withloveauntmegs.com).

Megan has spent her career in enterprise technology. She worked her way up the corporate ladder as an office assistant, various roles in marketing, and now serves as the Director of Growth Marketing at Quest Software. She currently leads a large team of international employees executing marketing programs across multiple tactics.

Megan is passionate about deep and real connections with people, so she hosts an annual vision board party and participates in a monthly brunch club. She finds magic and joy in going for walks at local beaches, breathing in the fresh air in Lake Tahoe, and taking in the splendor of Big Sur.

Check out Megan’s powerful episode on the topic of grief: Loving a Widower: A journey through the complicated, challenging and beautiful – ThirtyfiveSixtyfour

Mary Cook

Mary Cook, Marcom Director

Mary Cook, also known as “MC” and “Mother Mary,” is heralded as one of the world’s few content whisperers. She is the creative force and Marcom Director at ThirtyFiveSixtyFour. Armed with a degree in English from UCLA, Mary is not just your average wordsmith—she’s a grammar nerd with a penchant for storytelling that captivates and resonates.

Born into a big, close-knit family with seven siblings, Mary is committed to keeping family connections and gatherings alive with boisterous fun and games. Mary brings a lot of energy to everything she does.  She’s as dedicated to her role as Marcom Director as she is to her role as favorite auntie to her 22 crazy, loving nieces and nephews.

A life-long athlete, Mary’s passion for sports has transformed into a love for the adrenaline rush. When she’s not weaving words for our podcasts, you’ll find her carving waves on a jet ski or navigating desert trails in her RZR. Mary’s adventurous spirit is as diverse as her ability to craft compelling narratives for our audience.

In a world that often craves attention, Mary thrives behind the scenes. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence are the driving forces that elevate our Marcom strategy. As the wordsmith-in-chief, Mary ensures that every piece of communication reflects the essence of ThirtyFiveSixtyFour.

Candice Moore

Candice Moore, Marketing Director

Candice Moore is our Marketing Director based in Austin, TX. With a career spanning over a decade, she excels in developing and executing innovative, data-driven Marketing strategies that amplify brand impact and drive business growth.

Candice has been known to draw her marketing inspiration from her favorite hobbies which are BBQing, song writing, playing guitar and performing her music. After all, you can’t be a true native Texan without knowing how to smoke a mean brisket while strumming a few songs on the guitar!

It’s all about pushing the creative envelope and having fun while doing it for Candice. She brings her unique and clever marketing twist to ThirtyFiveSixtyFour!

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